When it come to workshop, this is a great area of passion. Being a career youth worker i have ran many workshops and value the impact that these workshops can create in the life of people. 

Every workshop is different and cater for the need of each individuals or group. 

So get in contact and let's plan the next best workshop.

Community events 


It is always great to be involve in community events. 

I have been lucky to be part of several community events and festivals. 

It is great to have an understanding of different cultural groups and how they interact with music, and also having an awareness of the musical significance for different group. 

 If you are organising your next event, feel free to get in contact with the DJ so that they can have an overall understanding of the project and the key outcomes you are trying to acheive.


Workshops and Community Booking

If you are looking at running a workshop, get in contact. I will be happy to work with you to achieve the desired outcome for your group.

DJing is a very powerful tool to engage with group. Music tell the story of people emotions. 


Community events

If you are looking at creating a sense of belonging, connection and well being for your next event. I will be happy to work with you and we could explore how to make the people present for your next community event feel a sense of belonging. 

Through my DJ mix, we transit through different genres seamlessly and aim to create a broader engagement.


School Ball, and Events

I have been very fortunate to work with young people and engage with diverse cultural group for a long time. 

Whether it is for a mental awareness program, celebration of cultures and genders, I will prepare a set that will convey the message that your event is looking at sharing.

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